Bespoke musical arrangements: the process


You want to commission an arrangement from me - how does it work?

• You decide what piece of music you would like me to arrange, what instrumental/vocal grouping is required, and when it is required by.

• You email me, and we ensure that I understand exactly what you want.

• I tell you how long your commission is likely to take, the earliest date by which I could have it completed, and the probable status of the copyright.

• We agree a fee (based on the information above).

• Depending on whether or not you are a new client, you pay me either immediately (i.e. before I deliver the finished work to you) or within thirty days of receipt of my invoice.

  1. When the commission is complete, I will email you a PDF file of the full score, plus a separate PDF file of each individual part (in the case of instrumental music). I will also email you an mp3 of the arrangement.  If it would be useful, I can also produce mp3s highlighting each individual part (no extra cost). These will all be computer-generated mp3s (no live performers) but will serve to show roughly what the live version will sound like. For non-classical pieces, I will also email you a PDF or .doc file of the chord sheet (with lyrics), so that if the arrangement is a cappella your pianist will still be able to add a basic accompaniment in rehearsals if necessary.

  1. If the arrangement needs tweaking - e.g. you decide you want the whole thing a semitone lower after you've tried it - I will do that at no extra cost.

  1. If you request it, I can print out all the PDFs for you and/or put the mp3 onto a CD, but I will charge extra for this. 

  1. Upon receipt, If you are dissatisfied with the work, I would, in the first instance, endeavour to address your issues, but if you were still unhappy I would refund the full fee. (I have never yet had to do this, so hopefully all will be well!)

• Please note that after I have created an arrangement for you, I reserve the right to sell copies of it on this website at a later date (the first page of such copies will state who commissioned the arrangement).


• The shopping cart buttons below do not link to any specific product - the file you will download is merely a one-page PDF with my logo and a few lines of text. It is listed so that I can take payment for bespoke arrangements via E-Junkie. Please set the payment to whatever we have agreed by email. Thank you.


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