Choirs and instrumental groups often need bespoke musical arrangements. For example, a choral arrangement of a standard work, but for a choir with three separate soprano parts, two altos, one tenor and no basses. Or an a cappella TTBB vocal arrangement of something by the Arctic Monkeys. Or an arrangement of the Wedding March for a clarinet, a guitar and a recorder. Or a wind band arrangement of the Grand March from Aida, but specially tweaked so that it's easy enough for beginners. ... You get the idea. So, if you need anything arranging, please email me. I’m Jocelyn Lavin, and my motto is “How hard can it be?”

Vamp Till Ready

Customised Musical Arrangements

If you need music for your choir,

band or group, I can arrange it.

Current music on the brain

  1. Leonard Bernstein - Rondo for Lifey

  2. Commitments - Treat Her Right

  3. Roy Newsome - Bass in the Ballroom

  4. Annie Lennox - Into the West

  5. Tight Fit - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

My arrangements for sale include:

We all stand together (Frog Song)

SSAATB choir (a cappella) - £30

Vulture Song

SATB or SSAAB choir, with guitar - £20

I Was Glad

SSAATB choir (a cappella) - £30

Hogwarts’ March

Brass band - £45

Love is all around

Wind ensemble or SSAATB choir - £20

plus many more!

If you need a piano tuner and you’re in the north-west of England, contact David Daniels – he tunes my piano, and I think he’s great.