Choirs and instrumental groups often need bespoke musical arrangements. For example, a choral arrangement of a standard work, but for a choir with three separate soprano parts, two altos, one tenor and no basses. Or an a cappella TTBB vocal arrangement of something by the Arctic Monkeys. Or an arrangement of the Wedding March for a clarinet, a guitar and a recorder. Or a wind band arrangement of the Grand March from Aida, but specially tweaked so that it's easy enough for beginners. ... You get the idea. I also provide private tuition (either in person or via Zoom to anywhere in the world) in piano, singing, music theory, aural, sight-reading... and many other things (including maths and various languages!) And I am very experienced with choirs and led a local community choir (both in person and via Zoom) until recently. So, if you need anything arranging, or want a teacher or a group singing leader, please email me. I’m Jocelyn Lavin, and my motto is “How hard can it be?”

Vamp Till Ready

Bespoke Musical Arrangements

If you need music, I can arrange it.


Current music on the brain

  1. Jonathan Dove - Who killed Cock Robin?

  2. David Guetta, Girl On Couch & Billen Ted - Man In Finance

  3. Great Sapol - FWB (Fan With Benefit)

  4. Scott Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag

  5. Jeff Satur - Dum Dum

My arrangements for sale include:


SSAATB choir (a cappella) - £20

Love is all around

Wind ensemble or SSAATB choir - £20

Vulture Song

SATB or SSAAB choir, with guitar - £20

Clog Dance

Double reed ensemble - £30

I Was Glad

SSAATB choir (a cappella) - £30

Hogwarts’ March

Brass band - £45

plus many more!

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