Musical arrangements for sale

If you wish to commission an arrangement, I will charge you £25 per hour. I will let you know at the outset how many hours I expect your project to take me, and I will not charge you extra if it takes me longer than I predict. The average is four hours, so not many commissions would cost more than £100 total. Email me.

If you like one of the arrangements listed below but need it to be amended slightly, my hourly rate is still £25, but this work would take far less time. Email me with your request.

Choral/vocal arrangements (a cappella)

  1. 2000 Miles (SSAAB)

  2. Baby it’s cold outside (SSAAB)

  3. Come rain or come shine (SSAA)

  4. Come softly to me (AAB)

  5. Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing (SSAAB)

  6. Dream a little dream (SSAATB)

  7. Feeling Good (SAAAB)

  8. Heigh-Ho (SSAATTB)

  9. I was glad (SSAATB)

  10. Life on Mars (SSAAAB)

  11. Longer (SSAA)

  12. Love is all around (SSAATB)

  13. One Voice (SATB)

  14. Perfect Day (SSAATB)

  15. Perfect Day (SSAAB)

  16. Pie Jesu (SSATB)

  17. Pride of all Europe (SSAAA)

  18. Sincerely (SATB)

  19. Sir Duke (SSAAB)

  20. Smokey Joe’s Cafe (SSAAB)

  21. Twelve Days of Cantona (SSAAA)

  22. We’ve only just begun (SSAA)

  23. When (SSAAB)

  24. Wonderful Christmas Time (SAAB)

  25. Wonderwall (SSAATB)

Other arrangements

  1. Clog Dance (double reed ensemble)

  2. Cwm Rhondda (brass ensemble)

  3. Hogwarts’ March (brass band)

  4. Love is all around (wind ensemble)

  5. Perfect Day (piano duet)

  6. Take a chance on me (double reed ensemble)

  7. Uptown Girl (AAA with guitar)

  8. Vulture Song (SATB with guitar)

  9. Vulture Song (SSAAB with guitar)

  10. You do something to me (SA with piano)

Note about voice parts

Most of the soprano parts are not very high, but some of the alto parts are quite low. Where there is a B but no T, the B is usually baritone. None of these parts are very high or low.

Each link takes you to a page that has more information about the arrangement (including price and shopping cart buttons). Note that the zipped file which you will be buying includes a PDF file of the full score, plus a separate PDF file of each individual part (in the case of instrumental music). It also includes an mp3 of the arrangement. This will be a computer-generated mp3 (no live performers) but will serve to show roughly what the live version will sound like. If the arrangement includes a guitar, there will also be a PDF or .doc file of the guitar chord sheet (with lyrics).